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Magic fur brush

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I cannot tell you enough how much i love this ----------. I live in a two bedroom apartment and finally our shedding problems are solved. Its so easy to use and cleans itself so theres no more hairy mess.

Elijah Harris

Although skeptical at first, after having owned 2 other rangefinders that were substantially more expensive and from respected companies, after using the Monat Sinpent unit several times now, I have to say that I am impressed with its performance.

The Finder 2.0 is somewhat larger than my previous model and the all-plastic exterior doesn't immediately communicate high quality, but the proof lies in its quick acquisition of target, immediate indication of precise range, and otherwise high functional performance.

I'm quite happy with this purchase!

Mike Lackey

I've been playing golf since I could essentially walk; which is roughly 22 years at this point. When I was a kid, laser rangefinders were an overpriced technology that the average weekend player couldn't afford. I didn't even want to pay for a stat tracking and the GPS tee to green via my iPhone because I thought it sucked. A buddy of mine spent $300 on a Bushnell roughly two years ago, and I used it occasionally.

For 40-50% of the cost of a Bushnell or popular brand, I am so excited for the golf season to start and cannot wait to keep this in the bag for years.

Victor Lee

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